Final round of case studies are announced!

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Case studies from Danfoss, GIZ, KAV Constulting, Liebherr and JMM-Likido will be presented at ATMOsphere Asia 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The ATMOsphere Review Panel is pleased to announce the second round of case study selections for ATMOsphere Asia 2017 on 6 September in Bangkok.

Expert speakers from Danfoss, GIZ, KAV Constulting, Liebherr and JMM-Likido will discuss their innovative natural refrigerant-based technologies and projects at the conference. 

The presentations are:

Danfoss | Cold storage room ammonia installation for frozen food supplier Lanna Agro Industry Co.

This case study will detail the benefits gained from an ammonia installation for a cold storage room for Lanna Agro Industry Co.

Lanna Agro Industry Co. is a food manufacturer who specializes in the export of frozen edamame and other processed foods around the world.

The case study will discuss the benefits seen from the ammonia plant, which uses pump circulation, and the cold storage room, which features hot gas defrost and individual quick freeze freezers.

GIZ | Successful strategies used to implement natural refrigerants in local Southeast Asian markets by Philipp Munzinger

This case study will highlight GIZ’s experience with two currently ongoing projects with natural refrigerant based cooling systems in Indonesia and Thailand. This includes the country-specific strategies and policy advice used to support these markets.

GIZ, on behalf of the German government, has been working to support developing countries and emerging economies to shift to a sustainable RAC sector for more than 20 years. They will also share their success stories with projects in various other countries and applications.

KAV Consulting | Bringing CO2 to high ambient temperature regions by Klaas Visser

This case study will offer a global perspective on the use of CO2 in commercial applications, with a focus on the hospitality industry in Thailand.

KAV Consulting, who has recently completed the design of two Multi Function Two Stage Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration Systems with Parallel Compression (MF2STCCO2RSPC) employing evaporative condensers, offers the Southeast Asian industry valuable insight on using CO2 in high ambient temperature regions.

Liebherr | Implementing hydrocarbons with customers in Asia/Pacific

This case study will detail some of the challenges faced with hydrocarbon implementations with their customers in Asia/Pacific. The case study will include the current status of these implementations and the support Liebherr offers to encourage the use of hydrocarbons in their appliances.

Liebherr has been working with hydrocarbons for more than 25 years in both domestic and commercial applications. The case study will also detail important milestones the company has achieved over their history.

JMM-Likido | Likido CO2 heat pump technology offers big savings compared to natural gas boilers and HFC heat pump by Stuart Cox

This case study will present JMM-Likido’s High Temperature CO2 Heat Pump (HTCO2HP) technology made for use in the hospitality sector. Likido’s HTCO2HP can effectively recover and reuse 75% of energy typically lost to drain or atmosphere via cooling towers.

The system operates at wider temperatures than conventional HFC heat pumps (-35 to 120°C) and provides payback in under 2 years. It also provides customers heating and cooling without combustion, eliminating the need for hot water heaters, steam boilers, chillers and cooling towers.

The presentation will focus on case studies and policy relevant to the market and climate of South East Asia.

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