Expert from global supermarket giant to talk natrefs at upcoming ATMOsphere Asia

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David Schalenbourg, of global retail giant Ahold Delhaize group, will be joining several prominent end users to speak at the upcoming ATMOsphere Asia conference, in Bangkok, Thailand on September 6th.

As the company’s director of building projects, format and maintenance, Schalenbourg will be providing conference attendees with Ahold Delhaize’s valuable insight and experience as a global leader in natural refrigerant technology adoption.
Ahold Delhaize group, which accounts for over 6,500 stores in 11 countries around the world, has invested heavily in natural refrigerants as a key part of their corporate sustainable retailing initiative.
Most notably, the company now boasts a 100% CO2-neutral store in the Netherlands where CO2 and propane are being used to provide the supermarket’s entire cooling needs.
In addition, under their Hannaford brand of supermarkets in the U.S., Ahold Delhaize has installed transcritical CO2 booster systems in two stores since 2013, along with completing their first transcritical CO2 system retrofit at a supermarket in the state of New Hampshire.
The company’s push for adoption of natural refrigerant technology has been driven by their overall commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their business operations.
A large part of this commitment, Schalenbourg says, specifically includes reducing the emissions and increasing the energy efficiency of their refrigeration systems.
“This is a case where doing the right thing makes good long and short-term business sense, enabling efficiencies and increasing profits,” he said.
All this has led to impressive results seen over the past year.
“In 2016,” he added, “we continued to reduce our CO2 emissions per square meter of sales area, our total energy consumption is going down, [all] while the refrigerants are getting more environmentally friendly and are leaking less.”
David Schalenbourg offers stakeholders in the Asian Pacific region an immense amount of knowledge and expertise on the business case for natural refrigerants from Ahold Delhaize’s perspective.
Be sure not to miss him, as he joins several other prominent end users at ATMOsphere Asia this September.

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