Second round of case studies selected for ATMO America 2017!

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Case studies from Danfoss, CAREL, CIMCO, Huayi Compressor Barcelona, Azane and efficient energy will be presented at ATMOsphere America 2017 in San Diego!

The ATMOsphere Review Panel is pleased to announce the second round of case study selections for ATMOsphere America 2017 on June 5-7 in San Diego.

Danfoss, CAREL, CIMCO, Huayi Compressor Barcelona, Azane and efficient energy will reveal their innovative natural refrigerant-based technologies at the conference.

Danfoss | Ejector Technology – The Next Generation in Transcritical CO2 by Hans Ole Matthiesen

This presentation will provide updates on the latest developments in ejector technology, which is the next step in assuring that transcritical CO2 is a viable, energy efficient, solution in any climate. Since September of 2014, Danfoss has been testing CO2 ejector technology in a Southern European supermarket. The test results show very good reliability and significant reductions in both average and peak energy consumption during the warm periods.

In addition, the trial has proven the cost savings of ejector technology as well as significant energy savings. This will contribute to bridging the first cost gap toward making transcritical CO2 a cost effective solution with regards to both first cost and total cost of ownership.

CAREL | CAREL Solution for Managing the Latest Transcritical Booster Rack by Michael Tokarsky and Nicola Pieretti

When talking about ways to use CO2, the most often discussed approach is in transcritical applications, where Carel is able to combine the requests of energy efficiency, environment respect, ease of installation and maintenance. Carel already present in the States with its solution for CO2 condensing units, in the latest two years is imposing the latest technology for managing multiple-compressors rack for commercial refrigeration.

This speech is willing to show how an “intrinsic complex technology” can be fully optimized in one side and extremely easy to understand and use in the other, thanks to integrated and intuitive control systems directly applied in field installation, Carel will present its solution for managing the latest transcritical booster rack, with a cooling capacity around 28.5 tons, installed in the USA.

CIMCO | Various Approaches using Natural Refrigerant for a Cold Storage Project Construction by Benoit Rodier

Cimco Refrigeration developed a case study for a cold storage owner and distributor to compare three systems using natural refrigerants. The storage owner wanted to transform an existing building with dry storage operation in order to become a cold storage facility. An all ammonia recirculated system, an ammonia / CO2 brine and cascade system and finally an all CO2 transcritical booster system were compared.

This case study shows the comparison of the different approaches using natural refrigerants and presents the results after the trial. The conclusions show that natural refrigerants work better than HFCs, having a considerable environmental impact and also contribute to energy savings.

Huayi Compressor Barcelona | R290 LBP Variable Speed Compressor in a plug ice-cream conserver by Vicente Guilabert Hernandez

In 2014, Huayi Compressor Barcelona S.L. launched the most efficient range of R290 LBP compressors: The New U range. The range has been expanded to offer equivalent top efficient solution to the North American market. Along 2017 the company is launching the top efficient U range with variable speed solution.

The case study wants to show the real experience testing an existing freezer LBP where we can see the complete system energy saving due to the use of the new U range R290 LBP variable speed. The new system is able to reach energy savings when performing the energy consumption test till 45 %.

Azane | Diverse Applications for Low Charge Ammonia by Caleb Nelson

Packaged low charge ammonia systems are becoming more popular due to their ability to increase system efficiency and safety while reducing life-cycle costs.  Systems with optimized refrigerant charges and reliable designs were developed over 20 years ago in Europe and are now being installed in the US for several multi-national, multi-billion dollar companies. 

Applications range from industrial process, to HVAC and provide unique benefits to end users while allowing for a future-proof, natural solution.  In this presentation, Azane™ will review case studies that highlight the unique benefits of packaged low charge ammonia systems as well as give an update on recent activity in the US.

efficient energy | Process Cooling with a Low Capacity Centrifugal Chiller with Water as the Refrigerant by Juergen Suess

The right choice of refrigerants is an ongoing discussion of our industry, especially as F-Gas Regulations increasingly limit the use of HFCs. The eChiller can be an optimal solution, as it is both: economic and ecologic at the same time. The eChiller is a novel centrifugal compressor based cooling system, which uses pure water as refrigerant and offers at the same time an exceptional energetic performance for cooling industrial processes with preferably a constant heat load over the entire year.

The case study starts with the introduction of an application, where the eChiller is used to cool a part of a manufacturing process, where there is the need to condense a chemical substance at a tem- perature above 20 °C. The installation was commissioned more than a year ago and is since in operation close to Munich in Germany. The overall installation and the function of the eChiller will be explained in some detail together with the performance results of the system.