Mayekawa announces Platinum sponsorship of ATMOpshere Asia 2017

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ATMOsphere is very excited to welcome Mayekawa, the world's leading supplier of industrial cooling and freezing systems, refrigeration compressors and heat pumps, as our Platinum Sponsor of ATMOsphere Asia!

Since its foundation 1924, Mayekawa has worked to ensure food safety, taste, quality, affordability, and stable supply through numerous technologies, while focusing on energy savings and environmental sustainability. Today, the company has over 100 small subsidiaries in Japan and 40 additional ones across the world.

Natural refrigerant systems are proliferating in Asian countries, offering environmentally friendly solutions while helping to reduce operating costs. In this context, Mayekawa is playing an important role offering constant innovation, which is reflected in the NewTon, its flagship low-charge NH3/CO2 system for industrial applications.

The company partnered with the Indonesian cold storage company PT Adib Global Food Supplies to install two NH3/CO2 NewTon systems, in a cold storage facility and quick freezer application. With these systems, PT Adib Global Food Supplies expects to considerably reduce its greenhouse gas emissions – by 120 tons of CO2 per year in its cold storage and 21 tons of CO2 per year in its quick freezer but also benefit from a 25-30% power reduction compared to a R22 system in similar-sized storage facilities.

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