Cimco Refrigeration is on board as Silver Sponsor for ATMOsphere America!

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ATMOsphere is excited to announce that Cimco Refrigeration will be our Silver Sponsor in San Diego!

Cimco was founded in 1913 as Canadian Ice Machine Co. Ltd, and in 1969 was purchased by the public Canadian company Toromont Industries Ltd., with shares trading on the T.S.E. Its Head Office and manufacturing plant are in Toronto, Ontario.

The company specializes in packaged refrigeration systems using screws, reciprocating, rotary, centrifugal or oil-free compressors designed for CO2 and ammonia refrigerants.

Their work includes a strong collaboration with suppliers in order to develop NH3/CO2 systems for mainstream industrial adoption. Cimco supplies NH3/CO2 storage and distribution centers for industries such as food and beverage, recreation, pharmaceutical, automotive process, mining and many others.

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