EU F-Gas Regulation and national legislation creating further opportunities for natural refrigerants

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With the new EU F-Gas Regulation in effect since January 2015, ATMOsphere Europe 2015 held on 16 – 17 March in Brussels, provided a timely platform for key policymakers, industry representatives and stakeholders to exchange views and updates on its implementation. Government representatives from France, Germany and Denmark presented about the next steps foreseen in the national legislation that will further restrict the use of HFCs and promote the use of natural refrigerant solutions.

Marc Chasserot, Managing Director of market development company shecco, kicked off the debate by highlighting that “policy has been a key driver in placing Europe at the forefront of the global market for natural refrigerants.” As representatives from the European Commission, individual Member States, industry and relevant stakeholders highlighted, the EU F-Gas Regulation favours those that already work with natural refrigerants. What also came across from all participants is that training is key to ensuring the future success of natural refrigerant technologies.

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