TripleAqua heat pump system, a new, CO2 neutral way of heating and cooling buildings

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At a world premier organised at ATMOsphere Europe on 16 March 2015 in Brussels, Menno Van der Hoff unveiled for the first time the TripleAqua, a patented natural refrigerant heat pump system using propæne as the refrigerant. Designed for heating and cooling of medium and large size buildings, this cutting-edge technology allows for reductions in energy consumption up to 50% and can bring a building to energy label A+++, the highest attainable level in energy efficiency.

The 6th edition of ATMOsphere Europe, which took place on 16 & 17 March 2015 in Brussels, Belgium, served as a platform for the official launch of the TripleAqua system. Menno Van der Hoff, Research & Development HVAC Manager at Uniechemie, presented the pioneering system, a highly efficient, natural refrigerant climate system that not only enables building managers to independently heat and cool different rooms as required, but features passive waste heat and cold storage. The TripleAqua will be sold by the Beijer Ref, one of the largest distributors of HVAC & Refrigeration units in Europe.

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