CO2 efficiency equator moves further south by grace of ejector technology

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The continually diminishing CO2 efficiency equator was a hot topic at ATMOsphere Europe 2015. Several system manufacturers presented the methods by which CO2 transcritical system efficiency can be improved, with ejector technology taking the spotlight. According the several presenters the end of the so-called “CO2 equator” is in sight.

Many retailers are not aware of the fact that CO2 transcritical refrigeration systems are a viable option in warm ambient climates. While it is true that previously these systems did not perform as efficiently in higher ambient temperatures, the game is changing, and quickly, too. ATMOsphere Europe 2015 offered a unique opportunity for system and component suppliers, policy makers and end users to discuss new developments in the industry, and explore the technology advancements pushing the CO2 equator out of existence.

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