TripleAqua: Dutch invention halves the price of heating and cooling

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On 16 March 2015 Coolmark is launching its controlled climate system, TripleAqua, at the international Atmosphere event in Brussels. TripleAqua can help to save as much as 50% on heating and cooling of medium and large size buildings. TripleAqua is the most economical system in the world. In addition, it uses a 100% natural refrigerant, propæne. This means that a CO2 neutral building is within everyone’s reach.

Reusing residual energy

The savings that TripleAqua offers are mainly thanks to intelligent use of the heat pump. During the refrigeration process, heat is released and the reverse is true for the heating processes: cold is generated. TripleAqua stores that heat and cold temporarily for later use or for reuse elsewhere in the building. This is in part possible because of its patented 'TripleAqua’ system which uses pipelines for hot (28-36˚C) and cool (12-18˚C) water and a return pipe for water at ambient temperature.

Smart use of short-term requirements

TripleAqua is ideal for countries with a moderate climate, because it can cool and heat at the same time. In larger buildings, rooms on the sunny side or those housing computers and other equipment often need to be cooled, while other parts of the building need to be heated instead. What we also see is that during the day the air con is on, while at night the building requires extra heating. The system can be up to twice as economical compared to traditional heating and cooling systems, because it buffers the surplus warm or cold water and reuses it.

All for the environment

Saving on electricity is good for budgets and for the environment. But TripleAqua goes beyond that: it has other 'green' aspects. For instance, its heat pump is driven by natural propæne instead of F-gasses, which are partly responsible for the greenhouse effect. Propæne is only used in the high-efficiency heat pump outside the building. Only water flows through the pipelines inside the building.

A future-proof solution

TripleAqua demonstrates that a great deal can be saved through energy reduction by using high-efficiency heat pumps and a dash of ingenuity. And that, too, is typically Dutch.

If you would you like to know more about TripleAqua, please don’t hesitate to call at +31 (0)180 751 300. For trade magazines, the full technical account is available on