Mitsubishi Heavy Industries announces first-time sponsorship of ATMOsphere Europe

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has confirmed that it will support the upcoming ATMOsphere Europe 2015 as a first time Bronze Sponsor. The 6th edition of the conference will take place on 16 & 17 March 2015 in Brussels, Belgium.

With over 80 years of expertise, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is a leader in the development of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Today, the company continues to innovate to bring new sustainable, high-efficiency technologies to the market.

MHI’s product portfolio includes CO2 systems for cooling and heating both air and water for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Its air-to-water heat pumps (Q-Ton system) and large capacity centrifugal chillers are widely known for being some of the most energy efficient cooling systems available on the market.

MHI Q-Ton heat pump for commercial and HORECA applications

Designed for commercial and HORECA applications, the Q-Ton system is an air-to-water heat pump with a COP of 4.3 (COP of 2.8 in cold season) that features a CO2 two-stage compressor with a combination of rotary and scroll compression cycles.

Main advantages of the MHI Q-Ton system are:
  • High capacity and high efficiency, even at low temperature conditions
  • Easy, user-friendly operation with touch screen panel control
  • Ability to connect up to 16 Q-ton units for up to 480 kW capacity
  • Hot water can be generated at night using cheap night-time electricity and stored in a cylinder tank for day time use
  • Lower running costs compared to traditional oil or gas boilers
Success stories achieved with this system include an installation in the Lancaster Hall Hotel in central London in June 2014 and a recent pilot project launched by the Spanish Hotel Technological Institute (ITH) to promote the use of CO2 in hotels in Spain.

About ATMOsphere Europe 2015
16 & 17 March 2015 at the Crowne Plaza Le Palace Hotel in Brussels, Belgium

The 6th edition of ATMOsphere Europe 2015 will bring together key HVAC&R industry stakeholders, including manufacturers, engineers, contractors, policy representatives, end user, associations and more to discuss the latest natural refrigerant market trends, policy issues and technology innovations. One of the main features of the 2015 programme will be an update on the EU F-Gas Regulation and progress on its implementation. The conference will also cover a range of different applications such as commercial, light commercial, industrial & transport refrigeration, heat pumps and air conditioning through a mix of supplier and end user panels, as well as technology case study presentations.

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