Mayekawa continues to support ATMOsphere America as a Gold Sponsor

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Mayekawa, a globally leading supplier of industrial cooling and freezing systems using natural refrigerants, has announced that is will again be a Gold Sponsor of ATMOsphere America 2015. Taking place on 25 & 26 June in Atlanta, Georgia, the event is expected to gather a record 300-350 participants.

For the fourth consecutive year, Mayekawa, a strong supporter of the “natural 5” refrigerants (CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons, air and water) will be a Gold Sponsor of ATMOsphere America. Since its founding in 1924, Mayekawa has expanded its business, focusing on freezing and compression technology. Today, the company has over 100 small subsidiaries in Japan and 40 additional subsidiaries across the world.

A range of “natural 5” products

Some of Mayekawa’s most popular products are its MYCOM compressors. The company’s comprehensive range of compressors, including both screw and reciprocating, single and compound two stage compressors, are developed for a variety of applications.

Mayekawa’s M-series reciprocating compressors were designed to combat soaring energy costs, with its ability to reduce Kw consumption while still providing the tonnage required. In the best-case scenarios, it offers 50% - 60% increase in run times between overhauls.

The J-series screw compressor boasts one of the highest energy efficiencies on the market. It boasts extremely low noise and vibration and a 508 PSIG design pressure for a wide range of applications. It has API grade hydrodynamic radial bearings for reliable and efficient operation and a flange motor for easy motor alignment. Both the compressor and flange spacer are base mounted for ease of service.

Energy efficient heat pumps

Mayekawa began developing heat pumps for air conditioning in 1971. Today, the company’s heat pumps can be found in systems for offices, computer centers, museums, public buildings, community central heating and air conditioning, and hot springs where heating and air conditioning, as well as hot water production are required.

The water heat source eco cute heat pump system generates hot water using recovered heat energy from any waste heat sources. It employs CO2 and offers a very high efficiency, with the ability to produce 194°F hot water from 149°C inlet water with a COP as high as 8.0. It can be used in hotels, hot springs, food processing plants, beverage plants, cheese and dairy plants and machinery plants.

Cold storage with NewTon3000

The NewTon3000 is specifically designed for cold storage applications. By using CO2 as the secondary refrigerant, the ammonia usage is cut down to 1/6. In addition, it offers high energy efficiency, cutting 20% of electricity consumption compared to conventional refrigeration systems with chemical refrigerants.

ATMOsphere America 2015
25 & 26 June at The Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead – Atlanta, Georgia

For its 4th edition, ATMOsphere America 2015 is moving South to Atlanta, Georgia. The new location and jam-packed program are expected to attract 300-350 participants, making this the biggest ATMOsphere event ever organized. Key HVAC&R industry experts including leading end users and consumer goods brands, system and component suppliers, government representations, associations, etc. will come together to discuss the latest regulatory issues, technology innovations and market trends in the field of natural refrigerants. ATMOsphere America 2015 will feature new highlights such as additional training sessions and site visits on the days before and after the event.

Registration for ATMOsphere America 2015 will officially open in December 2014.

For general information about the event, please visit