REI-TECH, newest Bronze Sponsor of ATMOsphere Asia 2015

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REI-TECH, a leading Japanese distributor of HVAC&R products and the appointed distributor of AHT Cooling Systems products to the Japanese market, has announced that it will support the upcoming ATMOsphere Asia 2015 for the first time as a Bronze Sponsor. The 2nd annual conference will be held from 3-5 February 2015 in Tokyo, Japan.

REI-TECH is a leading Japanese distributor of a wide range of HVAC&R products, including show cases, refrigeration units for cold storages and air conditioning units for stores and buildings. The company is committed to providing high quality products emphasising safety, energy efficiency, ease of installation and maintenance-free usage. It uses the ISO9001 quality management system and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) to ensure the best quality and safety in the systems it distributes.

REI-TECH combines the latest technologies in refrigeration and construction to provide the energy and cost saving solutions for its customers. It is also committed to contributing to environmental protection within its HCAV&R activities.

An appointed supermarket refrigeration distributor & service partner of AHT Cooling System in Japan

As the appointed distributor of AHT Cooling systems, a leading global supplier of hydrocarbon plug-in merchandisers for supermarkets, ice-cream chests and food & beverage refrigeration, REI-TECH has successfully built selling networks, as well as technology support and maintenance networks, to provide the latest AHT products to the Japanese market.

Among the AHT products REI-TECH distributes are several plug-in freezer showcase models including PARIS (build-to-order manufacturing), MIAMI, MANHATTAN and SYDNEY, all available using R290. The SYDNEY model is not yet available for purchase but will be showcased at the Supermarket Trade Show 2015. These cases can achieve high energy savings in comparison to conventional open units. The R290 models can provide approximately 25% additional energy savings through an electronic speed-controlled compressor (VS). All models offer the benefit of low investment and operating costs, as well as maintenance-free refrigeration. They are plug-in models requiring no extra installation.

In addition, Rei-Tech will launch the VENTO FLEX plug-in multi-deck chilling and cooling systems with the innovative technology of air-cooled solution.

REI-TECH’s expertise allows it to offer the solutions most tailored to its customers needs. It helps its customers ensure that the system is in the best condition with its after purchase service support.

About ATMOsphere Asia 2014

The 2nd annual ATMOsphere Asia 2014 will again serve as the meeting place for both Japanese and international HVAC&R industry experts to discuss the latest market trends, regulatory issues and technology innovations in the field of natural refrigerants. In addition to updates about F-Gas Regulations in Japan, China, Europe and North & South America, other key topics include a special “Tokyo 2020 Olympics” Session. The conference will also feature technology case studies covering a range of applications from commercial, light commercial, industrial & transport refrigeration to heat pumps and air conditioning. Case study submission guidelines can be found at The deadline for submitting a case study abstract to the ATMOsphere Review Board is 01 December 2014.

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