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We are pleased to say that the ATMOsphere Network Paris Meeting last week, organised during the 34th Open Ended Working Group meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol, was a success. Discussions centered on the availability, efficiency and safety of natural refrigerant solutions, as well as market and policy trends in both developing and developed countries.

Pictures & presentations

All presentations and pictures from the event are now available on the event website:

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Next meeting this November

We would also like to inform you that another annual meeting of the countries that have signed the Montreal Protocol will be held in Paris later this year (17-21 November 2014), where shecco will organise a similar ATMOsphere Network Paris side event. More information will be communicated over the next few months.

Key discussion topics – more info

For more information about what was discussed at the ATMOsphere Network Paris Meeting and the 34th Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) Meeting of the parties to the Montreal Protocol in Paris from 14-18 July, check out the articles below.

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July Montreal Protocol meeting: are countries going to move towards a global HFC phase down?

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