Mark your calendar: ATMOsphere Asia 2015 returns!

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After a very successful first edition, ATMOsphere Asia 2015 – “Natural Refrigerants – Solutions for Asia” returns on 3-5 February in Tokyo to discuss the most recent technology developments, market trends and regulatory issues in the field of natural refrigerants. Leading companies including Panasonic, Mayekawa, Sanden, Bitzer, Carel, Yamato, Alfa Laval, Dorin, itomic and SWEP have already announced that they will sponsor the event.

The 2nd edition of ATMOsphere Asia 2015 will take place from 3-5 February at the Shin-Maru Conference Square in Tokyo, Japan. This year’s conference is expected to draw even more Japanese and international HVAC&R industry experts from around the world.

Key topics, new highlights
The conference will again include a Market Trends Session providing the latest information on the state of the natural refrigerant industry, as well as an International Food Retail Panel and Industrial Refrigeration End User Panel, in which leading retailers and consumer goods brands will talk about their experiences using natural refrigerants and their plans for the future. Leading companies will also present their latest projects and product innovations involving natural refrigerants during the Technology Case Study Sessions, which will cover applications such as commercial, light commercial, industrial & transport refrigeration, heat pumps and air-conditioning, as well as other applications not covered last year including convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, etc. A very topical Tokyo Olympics 2020 session will also enlighten the role of natural refrigerants in HVAC&R building comfort, sports and leisure applications.

ATMOsphere Asia 2015 will cover various legislative dimensions, providing F-Gas policy updates from Japan, China, Europe and North and South America.

Registration and Call for Case Studies

Registration for ATMOsphere Asia 2015 will officially open next month. More information coming soon on

The ATMOsphere review panel will also publish a call for case studies and will welcome your company’s abstract.


Several companies have already signed up to support the upcoming ATMOsphere Asia 2015 including:

Panasonic (Platinum) - Panasonic is known throughout the world for manufacturing high quality, reliable products. In 2010, Panasonic acquired Sanyo Electric and has, since then, continued Sanyo's expertise in CO2 refrigeration and heat pump technology. The former Sanyo had developed the world's first CO2 rotary 2-stage compression compressor that uses the CO2 found in the natural world as a refrigerant.

Mayekawa (Gold) - Mayekawa is a worldwide leading manufacturer developing sustainable and innovative industrial heating, freezing and cooling solutions. Using the “natural five” refrigerants - CO2, NH3, hydrocarbons, water and air – to counter global warming and ozone depletion, the company is also a spearhead of the development of the Eco Cute concept, CO2 hot water heat pump systems for industrial, and now commercial, applications in Japan.

Sanden (Gold) – A world specialist in heating and refrigeration technologies, the Japanese group SANDEN is recognized as one of the main actors in the different areas of thermodynamics application. SANDEN develops and manufactures complete systems of automotive air conditioning, beverage dispensers, refrigerated showcases and heating
equipment. Its factory in Tinténiac, in Brittany, France and its technical centre have developed the latest generation of heat pumps producing sanitary hot water based on CO2 technology.

Bitzer (Silver) - BITZER is a global leader in the manufacture of Screw, Scroll and Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating Compressors for commercial A/C and Refrigeration applications. Its natural refrigerant portfolio includes compressors designed for CO2 and Ammonia. BITZER began producing CO2 compressors in 1998 and has a wide range of UL approved sub-critical compressors and trans-critical models.

Carel (Silver) - CAREL has been working in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning and humidity control since 1973. The company, based in Brugine, Italy, offers a wide range of products for manufacturers, installers and designers operating in the HVAC/R market. CAREL solutions are specifically conceived for the management of chillers, compressor packs, showcases, multiplexed cabinets, cold storage rooms, seasoning rooms, retarders, air handling units, roof-top units and air-conditioning units in general.

Yamato (Silver) - YAMATO Co. Ltd. is an engineering company specializing in planning, designing, installation and maintenance for freezing and refrigeration facilities and HVAC. For these two areas, YAMATO Co. Ltd. originally developed a thermal heat storage system, accumulating thermal energy during nighttime for daytime loads, to achieve daytime electricity saving. Patented Ultra Eco-Ice System (UEI) where it helps reduce daytime electric power demand, improve energy efficiency and reduce running cost. The UEI system introduces brine on secondary side and this way significantly reduces HFC refrigerant charge and its leakage.

Alfa Laval (Bronze) - Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialised products and engineering solutions based on its key technologies of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. It is present in nearly 100 countries. Alfa Laval is continuously developing new heat exchanger solutions to support the transition towards natural refrigerants.

Dorin (Bronze) - Dorin entered the field of refrigeration in 1918 with its first open-drive compressor range. The first CO2 transcritical type was commissioned in 1999. Today, Dorin produces more than 70,000 compressors per year, and offers one of the widest CO2 compressor range available in the market.

Itomic (Bronze) - For over half a century, Nihon Itomic has been considered a forerunner in the manufacturing of electric water heaters for industrial use in Japan with a dominant market share of 70%. The company is committed to full customer satisfaction with expertise in technology and innovative ideas, and, more importantly, is conscious about safety and making products environmentally friendly. Nihon Itomic is proud to proclaim that Itomic was the first manufacturer to launch a commercial Eco-cute (CO2 heat pump water heater) on the world market in 2002.

SWEP (Bronze) - SWEP has developed a Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger for Gas Cooler Applications. For manufacturers of industrial and transport cooling and supermarket refrigeration systems who utilize environmentally friendly refrigerants, the B17 provides reliable performance for transcritical pressures.
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