Case Studies: NH3 efficiency in supermarkets, food processing & industrial applications

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Focusing on the energy and cost efficiency, these case studies provide practical examples and efficiency comparisons of different ammonia applications, including breweries, dairy and meat processing, supermarkets, and more in various climates. The case studies will be presented at the UNIDO ATMOsphere Technology Summit on 3-4 June in Vienna, Austria.

Field Cases with Natural Refrigerants in Developing Countries by Jan Boone, Mayekawa Europe S.A.

Jan Boone will present various field cases with MYCOM industrial refrigeration compressor packages using natural refrigerant ammonia, installed in Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Russia and Egypt. Technical system data, energy efficiency calculations and comparisons, as well as performance and cost figures will be shown for a brewery, a dairy and meat processing plant.

Technically Viable Options in Mild and Hot Climates and Cost Considerations by Caleb Nelson, CTA Architects

This presentation will demonstrate best practices applied to various regions of North America. Cases discussed will include supermarkets located in warmer climates using only natural refrigerants CO2, NH3 or propane, other cases analyse the possibility to combine NH3 with CO2 in commercial refrigeration in order to reduce the charge and maximize safety. Combined, these case studies intend to demonstrate the growing interest in and viability of natural refrigerants in markets other than Europe.

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