New Atmosphere 2009 Bronze Partner: Dorin

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The Italian manufacturer, offering the widest CO2 compressor range available today, has joined the international conference on natural refrigerants as a Bronze Partner. Giacomo Pisano will update CO2 breakout session participants on the successful application of R744 compressors.

Officine Mario Dorin entered the field of refrigeration in 1932 with its first open-drive compressor range. The first CO2 trans-critical type was commissioned in 1999. Today, Dorin produces more than 70,000 compressors per year, and offers the widest CO2 compressor range available on the market. Having realised how beneficial CO2 (R744) in subcritical and transcritical operation can be, the company started to strongly invest in single stage and double stage compressors for all kinds of applications, including commercial refrigeration, refrigerated transport, sanitary hot water heat pumps, chillers, and HVAC systems.

Now, Dorin has joined Atmosphere 2009 as a Bronze Partner in its efforts to show where R744 and other natural refrigerants can be used in the most beneficial way, and where they can replace fluorinated gases delivering higher energy efficiency, cost competitiveness, and environmental benefits. 

Leading with CO2 Compressors

Giacomo Pisano, Technical Sales Manager Dorin, will update participants of the CO2 session on a long story of success in using R744. Starting with reasons for a renewed interest in CO2, Pisano will elaborate on the design and testing of R744 compressors, before talking about first case histories involving CO2 that have now led to more then 6000 compressors successfully installed in the field.