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ATMOsphere Japan 2017 Summary video


About this video

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published on 20 February 2017

About the event

A new ATMOsphere Conference is born! 

2017 will bring a new addition to the series of ATMOsphere events:the very first ATMOsphere Japan will take place in Tokyo on 20 February 2017, as the natural refrigerant event of the year!

Acknowledging Japan as the innovation hub for the latest technologies in the business of natural refrigerants, we have decided to organize the country’s very own ATMOsphere Japan conferences from this year on, encouraged by the tremendous success of our previous events and to move ATMOsphere Asia to Southeast Asia. 

Already established as the most influential forum for discussions on the business case for natural refrigerants in Europe, America and Asia, ATMOsphere Japan 2017 will be a unique opportunity to discuss global and Japanese market trends with government representatives, end users, domestic and foreign manufacturers and other experts, offering unparalleled networking opportunities with top industry professionals. 

The improved program offers the participants end user and supplier panels, policy, market trends and technology case study sessions inviting them to explore the latest developments and case studies from commercial and industrial refrigeration, and heat pumps as well as training and standards for natural refrigerants.

Next year’s conference will also address the highly anticipated discussion on the continuation of government subsidies for natural refrigerants based technologies and discuss the emerging signs of a healthy technological competition in the industrial and commercial refrigeration sectors which creates more choices for end users.



ATMOsphere Japan 2017 -日本市場に向けた自然冷媒ソリューション- 



自然冷媒ビジネスのケーススタディに対するディスカッションを目的とし、すでに業界に対しても多大な影響力を与えるイベントとして確立されている ATMOsphere 国際会議では、政府関係者、エンドユーザー、国内外メーカー、技術者と共に、グローバル及び国内の市場動向について討論する場、および業界トップレベルのプロフェッショナルと出会うネットワークの場を構築します。