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Why we purchased the world's first Evapcold units


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related to ATMOsphere America 2016
published on 17 June 2016
8 pages

Bornemeier explained how Evapco’s Evapcold low-charge ammonia system delivered the ideal solution for Western Gateway Storage, a Utah-based cold storage company.

About the speaker(s)

David Bornemeier


David Bornemeier is an entrepreneur, investor, and old fashioned American businessman. He is a C-Level executive and director of several companies in various industries including education, private equity, leisure services and of course warehousing and logistics. When he is not spending time with his wife and three kids (or at the nearest fly fishing spot), most of David's time and focus is spent with Western Gateway Storage Co. In business for over a century, Western Gateway is now expanding its business to a new state of the art warehouse utilizing the latest technology to keep their clients' inventory safe, clean and cold.