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How to successfully use water as refrigerant in a centrif...


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere America 2016
published on 16 June 2016
13 pages

Jürgen Süss from efficient energy provided an update on the latest developments of a centrifugal chiller using water as a refrigerant, which can allow cooling capacity of 25kW all year round. Süss outlined plans for launching a commercially and technically viable product by Q3 2017.

About the speaker(s)

Jürgen Süß


Jürgen joined Efficient Energy, close to Munich, in December 2013 and is currently the CEO. From early 2011, he served as Managing Director and CEO at Cofely Refrigeration in Lindau, Germany. This company is part of the GDF Suez Group and manufactures products and solutions for the industrial refrigeration segment. Previously, Jürgen had a 13-year assignment at Danfoss A/S in Denmark, where his last role was Vice President R&D of controls and line components for all kinds of refrigeration equipment. Before this, he held various management positions within technology and business development at Danfoss. Jürgen has a Ph.D. in Refrigeration from Hannover University and is active in the IIR, ASHRAE, and other scientific committees and associations.