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Booths CO2, heat recovery and glazed doors


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere America 2016
published on 16 June 2016
12 pages

Daniel Clark of Hamilton-Clark UK presented the case of Booths, a family owned supermarket located in the North West of England. Clark described the technology used in Booth stores which includes TC CO2 as the new norm. The CO2 racks along with doors on multi desks and heat recovery have allowed for refrigeration overall energy savings of 45%.

About the speaker(s)

Daniel Clark


Daniel’s further education was specific to refrigeration engineering. In 2004 he founded Hamilton-Clark-UK, an independent refrigeration design and management company. Daniel is passionate about great integrated refrigeration solutions that perform well, are energy efficient and have a low environmental impact. In 2006 he recognized the potential of using CO2 as a refrigerant and visited the Danish Technology Institute to learn more about the early transcritical systems. Daniel was an early adopter of the technology, leading his clients to the solution as early as 2010. Daniel has patents pending in CO2 refrigeration technology and takes a keen interest in system developments. He is also an expert in efficient heat reclaim from refrigeration systems.