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Our natural refrigerant technology and energy-efficiency ...


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere Australia 2016
published on 16 May 2016
20 pages

About the speaker(s)

Hideyo Asano


Mr. Asano joined Mayekawa in 1971 to begin the design of the screw compressor package in the company’s Moriya factory. He worked as a researcher on screw-type compressors and reciprocating technology in the R&D department before developing a variable screw compressor. Since 1989, Mr. Asano has been developing an ammonia (NH3) direct expansion chiller package, to expand the activity of natural refrigerants within Japan. In 2007 Mr. Asano worked on an aid project for the Ministry of the Environment and launched a development project “NewTon” for the industrial refrigeration sector. In 2013, a dedicated production line of the NewTon was created within the Moriya factory, which Mr. Asano is responsible for.