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Policy tools for assessing and diminishing emissions of F...


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere Europe 2011
published on 11 October 2011
15 pages
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Kozakiewicz discusses the different tools available to policy makers for curbing emissions of f-gases from equipment, including direct tools (eg bans on most emissive uses, penalties for intentional venting etc) and indirect tools (eg training and certification of personnel, fee on f-gases), some of which are included in the framework of the EU F-Gas Regulation. Currently, Poland is considering going beyond the requirements of the F-Gas regulation by establishing mandatory equipment logbook keeping by operators of equipment containing at least 3kg of f-gases and establishing a Central Register of Operators where data from the logbooks are sent electronically each time f-gas containing equipment is installed, serviced or decommissioned, as well as introducing a POM fee for f-gases at the level of 0.75 €/GWP ton.

About the speaker(s)

Janusz Kozakiewicz


Since 1993 Kozakiewicz actively participated in development of the EU regulations dealing with F-gases and ODS and Polish legislation based on those regulations and provides advice to Polish Government in the related matters.

Kozakiewicz also represented Poland in the meetings of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol and in the EC Committee devoted to F-gases and ODS. In 2004, he served as Co-chair of the Montreal Protocol OEWG and MOP. He is Author and Quality Reviewer of several UNEP publications related to ODS management policy and conducted a number of workshops on ODS monitoring and control in developing countries and CEITs.  He received the Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award for Diplomatic and National Leadership in Ozone Layer Protection from USEPA (1997) and the Montreal Protocol Outstanding Contributors Award from UNEP (2007).