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The new F-Gas regulation


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere Europe 2011
published on 11 October 2011
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The presentation by Kuijpers opened “Policy session 1: The New F-Gas Regulation” by setting the scene and discussing the EU’s f-gas policies within the wider international policy context of the UNFCCC climate negotiations and the Montreal Protocol negotiations. It also provides a brief overview of current and upcoming national f-gas policies in several regions outside the EU.

About the speaker(s)

Lambert Kuijpers


After receiving his PhD thesis for work on nuclear fusion at the Technical University Eindhoven, Lambert Kuijpers started work in the 1980s at Philips Research Labs Eindhoven, NL. He steered a research group dealing with heat transfer and thermodynamics, specifically in the area of refrigeration. Since 1988-89, Kuijpers has been particularly involved in the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) and the Refrigeration Technical Options Committee under the Montreal Protocol, which he both co-chairs. After having left Philips (in 1993) the work for UNEP has been the main emphasis (co-chairmanships of Panel, Committee and Task Forces).