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Sneak peek at GUIDE Japan 2016: Trends for Asia & the world


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere Asia 2016
published on 9 February 2016
36 pages

Nina Masson, shecco’s deputy managing director, gave a sneak preview of the much-anticipated GUIDE Japan, showcasing exclusive market findings. In addition, Masson compared Japanese developments to those in North America, Europe and China.

About the speaker(s)

Nina Masson


Nina has been working with shecco for 11 years in various roles, including Deputy Managing Director shecco SPRL and Chief Market Development Officer shecco group. Today, as Chief Strategy Advisor for Special Projects, she is responsible for EU and UN projects for natural refrigerants and sustainable HVAC&R solutions. She holds two Masters’ degrees in Business Management and in Environmental Management. Nina has been the lead author on various publications. She serves as an independent expert for UN and EU agencies on policy analysis, capacity building, renewable energies and energy efficiency.