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Developing low charge R290 room air conditioners using sm...


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere America 2013
published on 19 June 2013
15 pages
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In his presentation, John Hipchen provides information and technical guidance on how to decrease the refrigerant charge of an air conditioner (AC) when using smaller diameter and inner-grooved copper. Based on experiences in China, the presentation also shows examples of R290 AC implementation in North America and gives insights into current development work in China with R290.

About the speaker(s)

John Hipchen


John Hipchen has over 15 years of experience with heat exchanger technologies, including the market development of copper alloys and manufacturing technologies for brazed and soldered heat exchangers. Previously, he managed the development of new markets for specialized equipment systems. John was graduated from Loyola University in Chicago and spent his early career working as a chemist. Currently, John is President of Exel Consulting Group and his company is involved in numerous projects related to sustainability and new technology for the HVAC and automotive industries.