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Transcritical CO2 supermarket refrigeration trends


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related to ATMOsphere America 2012
published on 12 June 2012
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Serge Dubé presents a brief history of CSC, the key players in the Canadian food retailer market and the number of CSC ECO2 systems installed in Canada: 18 supermarkets so far. The ECO2 system advantages include a soft start wit automatic restart device after power failuer, high pressure security line, efficient and quick low pressure hot gas defrost and high efficiency multi-zone heat reclaim.

About the speaker(s)

Serge Dub


The story of Serge in Refrigeration began 30 years ago. After completing his 8000 hours of learning in just 2 ½ years, Serge decided to establish his first company. Thus was founded in 1982 `Refrigeration S. Dubé Inc.', a company specialized in the installation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment. In 1996, he created the company CSC Inc. In order to find innovative solutions for energy recovery and defrost.

In 2007, he started to think about CO2, then he undertakes research and develops its ECO2Système. His company "CSC" has provided more than 20 stores in Canada and has developed a CO2 system for the arenas (the first is located in St. Gedeon de Beauce, and in operation for 02 seasons). The company has received an ASHRAE Technology award in 2012 for this technolgy.

Serge currently holds over 35 patents and several North American intellectual property rights.