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Trans-critical CO2 Heat Pump System District Heating Of ...


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related to ATMOsphere America 2018
published on 13 June 2018
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About the speaker(s)

Andy Baker


Andy is a registered professional engineer in Alaska and owner of YourCleanEnergy consulting in Anchorage. He has significant experience in the financial evaluation and design of renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvements. He has lived and worked in Alaska since 1998 and has focused for the past fourteen years on identifying and designing cost effective renewable energy systems for commercial, municipal, and community clients. Andy is a graduate in environmental engineering from Penn State University and worked previously as a project engineer for Buchart-Horn in Pennsylvania; Black & Veatch in San Diego, Lusaka, and Boston; and for HDR Alaska.

Andy’s work focus since 2008 has been on ocean source heat pump systems for large facilities, and for ocean source district heating in coastal Alaska. He has worked with the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward for the past nine years to evaluate, design and monitor a large sea water heat pump system that has now effectively replaced 98% of local fossil fuel use with ocean source heat pumps.  This effort includes the design in 2014 of an 80 ton trans-critical CO2 heat pump system with heat recovery to offset an existing 500 KW electric boiler used for space, domestic hot water, and outdoor slab heat.  Andy is currently leading the design of a 120 ton ground source trans-critical CO2 heat pump system with heat recovery that will provide district heating to the Library, City Hall, Fire Hall and Annex for the City of Seward, Alaska.