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To measure is to know, Efficiency is a key to the future ...


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere America 2018
published on 12 June 2018
11 pages

About the speaker(s)

Klas Berglöf


Klas has a Master of Science in Applied Thermodynamics and Refrigeration from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Since 1984 active in the Swedish refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump industry. Worked 5 years as a consultant for manufacturers in development projects, fault analyses and for UNEP/UNDP/UNIDO/WB projects under the Montreal Protocol to phase out ODS. Member of the steering committee of several national research projects for alternative refrigerants and energy efficient RAC systems also member of ASHRAE committee SPC207 for Fault Detection and Diagnosis. The author holds several patents on products that have been successfully introduced commercially. Started ClimaCheck in 2004 to develop performance analysing methods for the RAC industry.