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Ian Tuena, Natural Refrigerants Company,...


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere Australia 2018
published on 7 May 2018
20 pages

Ian Tuena discussed the plan for updating the education pathway for the HVAC&R trade in Australia.

About the speaker(s)

Ian Tuena


A passionate, active and ongoing commitment best describes his involvement within the Refrigeration Industry. As Managing Director of CA Group Services Pty Ltd he has implemented best practice principals, code of ethics adherence, and governance protocols.

He has extensive experience having been some 40 years in the industry and has been involved in the design, installation, commissioning and service of industrial ammonia refrigeration systems, commercial systems, supermarkets as well as secondary refrigerant re-circulation systems.

Moral commitment has driven his involvement in low GWP natural refrigerants, having undertaken several research trips to Europe in recent times to investigate market trends and technological breakthroughs.

As Director, and principal Owner of CA Group Services, he has been able to enhance, develop and encourage this passion for technology in the staff employed at CA Group Services. A commitment to imparting knowledge and increasing expertise in the Refrigeration Technicians at CA Group Services, has been the corner stone of business strategy, and focus over 20 years.