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Application of natural refrigerants in China’s home app...


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere China 2018
published on 12 April 2018
16 pages

Lei Wang discussed the successful adoption of hydrocarbons in China's domestic refrigeration sector and the vision for R290 use in air-conditioning in the future.

About the speaker(s)

Lei Wang


During the period from 1992 to 2007, she devoted herself to ODS phase out in Chinese refrigeration and compressor industry. As one member of the Special Working Group, she participated in the implementation of the China CFCs phase-out plan in the Refrigeration Sector. In year 2009, she was invited to be the member of RAC refrigerant alternative evaluation expert group of MEP/FECO to select the HCFC-22 substitution in China RAC sector and participated in implementing the HPMPs for China RAC sector in the following years.. At the meantime, she also pays special attention to the global environmental issues and is enthusiasm for promoting the energy efficiency of the appliance products to reduce the CO2 emission.