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How green cold chain technology improves equipment upgrad...


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere China 2018
published on 12 April 2018
17 pages

Wenhua Wang discussed China Chain Store & Franchise Associations efforts to support the retail industry in adopting new natural refrigerant technology and the various challenges and obstacles the industry faces in this effort.

About the speaker(s)

Wenhua Wang


Joined CCFA in 2002. She has been in charge of the Sustainability Department, since 2008, focusing on energy-saving of retail store, green procurement, and public education of sustainable consumption, etc. She also leads two platform based on CCFA memberships, one is CCFA retail energy-saving work group, the other is The China Retail Sustainable Roundtable, co- initiated by CCFA & WWF in 2013.
She also works in drafting and reviewing industrial standards and guidance documents in retail energy-saving practices, such as Standard of Evaluating Low-carbon and Energy-Saving Retail Stores etc.