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Low charge ammonia chiller for the air conditioning syste...


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere Europe 2017
published on 26 September 2017
20 pages

About the speaker(s)

Selimcan Azizoglu


Selimcan Azizoglu works as a Project Manager of GEF funded regional projects in Europe, Central Asia and Africa, related to HCFC phase out and reduction of UPOPs and mercury. He coordinates project implementation at regional level providing support to developing countries in the area of policy, technology conversion, capacity building and regional cooperation.

Maryia Tsvirko


Mrs. Maryia Tsvirko works in the field of refrigeration equipment, heat pumps and energy efficiency since 2010. Her specialization is the effectiveness and the environmental safety of refrigeration equipment. Maryia took part in the audit of more than 200 enterprises (dairy plants, meat processing plants, fish processing plants, distilleries, etc.) in Belarus. Since 2016, she is a certificated expert on Energy Audit and she has a number of publications.

Supported by UNDP-GEF project on HCFC phase out in Belarus, Maryia Tsvirko had an active role in implementation of the demonstration project "Low-charge ammonia based cooling for an administrative building”. She graduated from Belarussian National Technical University in 2010, specialized in “Energy-Efficient Technologies and Energy Management"