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related to ATMOsphere America 2012
published on 12 June 2012
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Delhaize America has around 1500 stores, with 3 operating with low temperature CO2 or as cascade, and one CO2 transcritical project is planned for 2013. Almost two years ago Fresh &Easy installed its first natural refrigerant system, a subcritical CO2 system. Also installed are self-contained propane cases. Whole Foods’ first CO2 store was completed in 2009, a low temperature CO2 secondary system. In 2010 the company installed two CO2 cascade systems the company is now working on the design of their first CO2 transcritical store. Sobey’s last 28 installations have been transcritical CO2 systems with the latest racks small enough to fit in the mechanical room next to the existing rack, allowing the store to remain open 24/7 throughout the retrofit.  Supervalu has over the years invested in various types of systems ranging from glycol to ammonia. The latest installation is an innovative ammonia installation that has a Mayekawa ammonia primary system on top of a Hill PHOENIX CO2 system for the medium temperature cascaded to a DX system on the low temperature side.

About the speaker(s)

Keilly Witman


Keilly Witman has spent a great deal of her career working to protect the earth’s ozone layer and fight climate change in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Stratospheric Protection Division. She launched and directed EPA’s GreenChill Partnership, which is a partnership to help the supermarket industry eliminate harmful refrigerant emissions.

Just last month, Keilly joined EOS Climate as their Vice President of Marketing. EOS Climate created the Refrigerant Revolution, a refrigerant lifecycle management system that improves profit margins while helping the environment.

Keilly attended Vermont Law School, where she received a Juris Doctor Degree (cum laude) and a Master’s Degree in environmental policy (magna cum laude). Her previous career of over 10 years was in global marketing strategy for major consumer products companies.