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Open Discussion on HFC Emissions Reductions Strategies


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere America 2017
published on 7 June 2017
30 pages

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) sought feedback on its SLCP (short-lived climate pollutant) strategy from attendees at the ATMOsphere America 2017 conference in San Diego.

About the speaker(s)

Pamela Gupta


Pamela is the manager of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy Section in the Research Division of California Air Resources Board (ARB), where she is responsible for developing and implementing mitigation strategies addressing high-global warming fluorinated gases (F-gases). Pamela managed the recent development of Short Lived Climate Pollutant Plan (SLCP) strategy to meet the legislatively mandated targets for Hydrofluorocarbons. She led the development and currently oversees the implementation of California’s Refrigerant Management Program, which requires large commercial and industrial facilities to follow best refrigerant management practices and report their refrigerant usage to ARB annually.

Her team is also responsible for conducting research necessary to develop and maintain the statewide inventory and evaluate mitigation options for F-gases. Pamela has almost 20 years of environmental experience while working at the Board. Prior to her current role, she worked in the Monitoring and Laboratory Division as a staff lead on a regulatory effort to control fugitive emissions of gasoline stored in aboveground storage tanks. She also worked in the lab for several years where she performed method development to identify volatile organic compounds and tested ambient air samples received from all over California.

Glenn Gallagher


Glenn has been working on F-gas management strategies for more than 25 years, and currently develops regulations to reduce emissions of high-global warming refrigerants in California. Glenn also serves as a technical advisor to the U.S. Climate Alliance Short-Lived Climate Pollutant (SLCP) Strategy team.