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No good refrigerant leaks


About this presentation

related to ATMOsphere America 2017
published on 6 June 2017
19 pages

Gerard Von Dohlen talked about the performance of different refrigerants in a typical refrigerated warehouse application, highlighting that there isn’t a huge performance difference between the main refrigerant options. 

About the speaker(s)

Gerard Von Dohlen


Gerard is currently the CEO of a company operating 2 public refrigerated warehouses in the New York area installing innovative refrigeration systems. He is an active member of several trade associations including the Global Cold Chain Alliance for whom he chairs the Refrigeration and Energy Committee. One of the public refrigerated warehouses uses natural gas engine driven compressors and a brine desiccant system using waste heat for regeneration instead of hot gas defrost evaporators. The system won the Chairman’s Award at the American Gas Cooling Center for the best natural gas based refrigeration system in the country. Gerard is also building a fully automated crane building with 20,000 pallets refrigerated by a system including a cooling tower, chiller package, and desiccant.

Gerard received a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in 1964 and an MBA (1966) and a PhD (1970) from Columbia University’s Graduate Business School. Gerard taught accounting and finance at Columbia’s business school until he entered the banking community. Subsequent to a career in banking, he has been the CEO of a building products company, a defense contractor, a hotel company, and now a public refrigerated warehouse.