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Global overview of natural refrigerants: Market Trends


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related to ATMOsphere America 2017
published on 6 June 2017
27 pages

Alvaro de Oña said that Kigali is an opportunity for natural refrigerants. There is more competition between natural refrigerants and training has never been more important.

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Alvaro de Oña


Alvaro is a shareholder and co-founder of shecco as an independent entity. He was instrumental in the early success of shecco’s communication platforms (,, and market research services. With a background in social sciences and international relations, he has spent the last six years working at the European Commission as an Human Resources expert, overseeing several change projects and helping to set up two new Agencies of the EU from scratch. As of March 2016, Alvaro is back at shecco to help its further international development and lead the media team in its efforts to share relevant stories, news and updates on the global transition towards natural refrigerants.