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related to ATMOsphere America 2017
published on 6 June 2017
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At the Atlanta Sprouts store using transcritical, a Danfoss ejector was added. 

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Peter Dee


Peter Dee is Sales & Service Director of Danfoss Electronics North America, a $400 million subsidiary and largest market for the global manufacturer of high-efficiency heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and motion systems. He has over 28 years of industry experience. Peter joined Danfoss in 2012 and leads the companies’ development of business in supermarkets and commercial refrigeration, responsible for accelerating the adoption of natural refrigerants and technologies to reduce energy consumption.

Prior to joining Danfoss Peter was President of Cool Controls and Energy MCS, based in Ireland. He has a Master’s of Business Administration degree in Management from Florida International University and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering.