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Experiences and challenges in implementing Natural Refrig...


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related to ATMOsphere Europe 2011
published on 12 October 2011
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As part of their commitment to reducing environmental impact Northern Foods works closely with indices such as Business in the Community, which ranks CSR performance and helps drive good behaviour. The company has a mixture of refrigeration equipment, responsible for 60% of the electricity costs. The factors driving change in refrigeration at Northern Foods: improving efficiency, R22 phase out, and equipment at the end of useful life. The company made an investment in a natural refrigeration plant to avoid the uncertainty associated with fluorinated gases, reducing energy use by 60%.

About the speaker(s)

Paula Widdowson


Paula Widdowson has founded an independent sustainability consultancy called CSR-i focused on profiting through sustainabilityt. Paula had several years experience as Director of Sustainability for Northern Foods working with M&S on delivering Plan A, Sainsbury on achieving their 5 core principles and ASDA on managing the Walmart sustainability index. In 2010 ‘sustainability’ in Northern Foods added £3M profit.

Originally trained as a Biochemist at Leeds University, Paula started working life as a science teacher and then moved into industry. She has successfully held a number of senior roles at Esso, ASDA, Bass and Improve (the sector skills council for food and drink manufacturing). The move into independent consultancy has resulted in CSR-i working with Government and Commercial businesses delivering a real difference to the bottom line.