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Cool heating: High temperature ammonia heat pump for 11 m...


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related to ATMOsphere Europe 2011
published on 12 October 2011
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Robert Wiseman Dairies is the largest fresh milk producer in the UK. Recently the company installed an innovative ammonia heat recovery unit. The ammonia heat pump provides 80°C water for the pasteurisation process replacing the need for a gas boiler. This has significantly improved the return on investment for replacing an old HFC system with a central ammonia based refrigeration plant. The installation has resulted in a reduction in gas usage of 52% and a water reduction of 50%. However, the project has not been without its challenges, such as a lack of government funding.

About the speaker(s)

Neil Hughes


Neil Hughes has overall responsibility for the strategic direction of engineering and the environment within the largest fresh liquid milk company in the UK. Previously working in the position of Group Technical Manager for 8 years, he was recently promoted to the position of Engineering Director.

Amongst his key objectives are reductions in energy and use of natural resources (as detailed in RWD’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy). This is predominantly 30% reduction in gas, 25% reduction in electricity and 25% reduction in water. From a refrigeration perspective Robert Wiseman Dairies intend to phase out all man made refrigerants by 2030 and reduce leakage rates to below 3% by 2015.