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Welcome & IntroductionPresentation | published on 12 February 2019 more
Multiconnext technology: An innovative and “easy” R744 booster solution for small and medium size supermarketsPresentation | published on 21 November 2018 The small size of Rivacold’s multiconnext solution - a CO2-based multi compressor system - as well as its low energy consumption, optimised in summer by parallel compressors, al... more
Cold Chain Business Division, Panasonic CorporationPresentation | published on 21 November 2018 Panasonic’s strategy to develop its CO2-based solutions in Europe targets the growing market of small stores and supports training courses with CO2 across the continent.  more
Natural solutions for semi plug-in showcasesPresentation | published on 21 November 2018 Diego Malimpensa gives an insight on Carel’s solutions for small stores using either propane or R744, which both demonstrate excellent properties for this type of application. more
An example on how to bring down total cost of a CO2 condensing unit Presentation | published on 21 November 2018 Henrik Christensen makes the case for CO2 condensing units for small stores, providing a thorough analysis from cost of ownership to energy efficiency. more
Sub-Zero, MTL Cool and LU-VE optimize MicroGroove copper-tube coils for use with natural refrigerants Presentation | published on 21 November 2018 The presentation highlights the crucial role of heat exchangers design to save space, refrigerant charge and weight to optimise natural refrigerants-based equipment in small stores.&n... more
Multi compressor solutionPresentation | published on 21 November 2018 Nicolas Pondicq-Cassou presented Carrier’s Quiet CO2OL, a CO2-based multi compressor solution with a case study in a small store. The case study highlights the specific challeng... more
High temperature heat pump with ammoniaPresentation | published on 21 November 2018 Interesting technology solution applied to a snowboard factory in Austria.  more
Swedish district heating - world’s largest heat pump utilising the power of natural refrigerantsPresentation | published on 21 November 2018 The award-winning solution for district heating in Sweden.  more
Instant Green CoolingPresentation | published on 21 November 2018 Water-based absorption cooling systems.  more