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sustainable CO2 Refrigeration SystemsPresentation | published on 19 November 2018 Kenneth Madsen from Advansor expressed confidence that the CO2 market would continue to grow, and identified Spain and Eastern Europe as promising regions.  more
TEKO Refrigeration GermanyPresentation | published on 19 November 2018 Andreas Meier stressed the importance of training HVAC&R technicians and installers in using natural refrigerants to ensure that they fulfill their potential in all world markets.... more
Beijer Ref Presentation | published on 19 November 2018Fabio Fogliani from Beijer Ref expressed confidence that the importance of natural refrigerants to the HVAC&R giant’s business would continue to grow. more
Natural refrigerants for all climates and applicationsPresentation | published on 19 November 2018 Victor Calvo from Carrier identified the commercial refrigeration sector as a promising growth area for natural refrigerants. more
Natural refrigerant market trends - sheccoBasePresentation | published on 19 November 2018 more
LATEST HYDROCARBON-BASED REFRIGERATION TRENDSPresentation | published on 19 November 2018 Van Gerwen gave an overview of hydrocarbon market trends in Europe, drawing attention to the role that revised standards can play in broadening the market for hydrocarbons. more
Trends in Ammonia RefrigerationPresentation | published on 19 November 2018 Andy Pearson of Star Refrigeration outlined the main drivers of uptake for low-charge ammonia systems and argued that they have significant market potential as efficient, safe and env... more
Latest CO2 refrigeration trendsPresentation | published on 19 November 2018 Professor Armin Hafner from NTNU spoke of the opportunity for CO2 to provide space heating and cooling along with hot water when harnessed in heat pumps. more
Welcome and IntroductionPresentation | published on 19 November 2018 more