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Mission of the IIRPresentation | published on 27 September 2010Didier Coloumb, Director of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) explained the mission of the IIR and talked also about the most important markets for natural refrigerants. He concluded that natural refrigerants a... more
Natural Refrigerants: the only solution?Presentation | published on 27 September 2010Mart Peeman, Vice President NVKLand Operational Director of Cofely Refrigeration NL explained that natural refrigerants need much higher level of knowledge. In the Netherlands, less than 10% of contractors are eq... more
The role of natural refrigerants in the eco design rules for commercial refrigerationPresentation | published on 27 September 2010Tonje Haabeth from the European Commission DG Energy talked about the role of natural refrigerants in the Ecodesign rules for commercial refrigeration. This presentation included also the key policy tools for energy efficiency ... more
U.S. EPA policy concerning acceptability and use of natural refrigerantsPresentation | published on 27 September 2010Julius Banks from the United States Environmental Protection Agency talks about the acceptability and use of natural refrigerants. The EPA is the regulatory body responsible for bringing natural refrigerants to the USA, through... more
Technology and Economic Assessment Panel of the Montreal ProtocolPresentation | published on 27 September 2010As the co-chairmanships of Panel, Committee and Task Forces, Lambert Kuijpers presented the results of the new TEAP XXI/9 Task Force report on replacements for HCFCs that was presented at the OEWG Geneva in June ... more
Review of the F-gas Regulation - What's in it for natural refrigerantsPresentation | published on 27 September 2010Philip Owen from the European Commission explains in his presentation at ATMOsphere 2010 that in the context of the review of the European F-gas Regulation, the European Commission explores what could be in it for natural refri... more
Accelerating towards Cool Green Economy - Low GWP StimulusPresentation | published on 27 September 2010As Head of the OzonAction, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) he is a policy advisor to the developing countries and countries with economies in transition in implementing the Montreal Protocol. At ATMOsphere 2010 he u... more
Welcome and Results of Natural Refrigerant SurveyPresentation | published on 27 September 2010Marc Chasserot, chairman of ATMOsphere 2010 and Managing Director of shecco is presenting the methodology of the event and why it is necessary to have such an international workshop on natural refrigerants. In addition, he anal... more
Why the world can't afford to be tricked againPresentation | published on 20 October 2009
Putting Natural Refrigerants in the public SpotlightPresentation | published on 20 October 2009