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Open Discussion on HFC Emissions Reductions Strategies Presentation | published on 7 June 2017 The California Air Resources Board (CARB) sought feedback on its SLCP (short-lived climate pollutant) strategy from attendees at the ATMOsphere America 2017 conference... more
So What is the Opportunity?Presentation | published on 7 June 2017 Paul Delaney of SCE emphasised the role that demand response can play in improving the efficiency of refrigeration systems. more
SMUD’s pilot natural refrigerant incentive programPresentation | published on 7 June 2017Tim Kidman introduced the pilot Natural Refrigerant Incentive Program and detailed how the incentive is structured.  more
Incentives for natural refrigerantsPresentation | published on 7 June 2017 Leigha Joyal of Hillphoenix called for more communication to utilities of the benefits of natural refrigerant systems in order to improve the way that incentives ... more
BPA refrigeration and refrigerantsPresentation | published on 7 June 2017 Jamie Anthony of BPA explained how a number of ongoing research programs are helping to promote natural refrigerants.  more
Product developmentPresentation | published on 7 June 2017 Patrick Moore from the Pacific Gas & Electric Company presented refrigeration rebates available in a number of areas. more
SDG&E accelerating the adoption of energy efficient refrigeration technologiesPresentation | published on 7 June 2017 Chris Roman of San Diego Gas & Electric presented San Diego’s emerging technologies program for improving energy efficiency, which can be used to fund natura... more
New opportunities for natural refrigerantsPresentation | published on 7 June 2017 Ammi Amarnath of EPRI argued that natural refrigerants can be an important part of ulilities’ carbon reduction toolbox. more
2nd edition of the Accelerate America AwardsPresentation | published on 7 June 2017 more
General Cold Storage in South Gate replacing an R22 facility with ultra-low ammonia ERIC Technology refrigeration unitsPresentation | published on 6 June 2017John S. Scherer said that General Cold Storage is saving $1.4 million in energy costs over five years with low-charge NXTCOLD units. more