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Magnetic Refrigeration – Light commercial refrigeration deployment and new development for refrigeration rack systemsPresentation | published on 20 February 2017

Vincent Delecourt from CoolTech explained to Japanese stakeholders how to benefit from magnetic systems and highlighted new areas for improvement and differentiation within refrigerant systems.

Development of CO2 condensing unit for commercial refirigerationPresentation | published on 20 February 2017

Hisao Mizuno talked about Mitsubishi’s brand new CO2 condensing unit called HCCV1001. Sales are planned to start in April of this year with a scheduled delivery to a customer’s warehouse even before this date. He... more

Transcritical CO2 compressors for economised cyclesPresentation | published on 20 February 2017

Massimo Casini from Dorin talked about the advantages of using large compressors and explained how can Dorin’s products help reduce energy costs for the end user by using an improved CO2 heat pump.

Raising efficiency in bottle coolers by applying R290 variable speed compressorsPresentation | published on 20 February 2017

Alexander Adamitzki, Marketing & Business Development Manager of Secop, spoke about their new R290 speed compressors, which can improve the energy efficiency in classical stand-alone bottle coolers.

How can Embraco help appliance manufacturers meet energy standards for light commercial applicationsPresentation | published on 20 February 2017

Marek Zgliczynski of Embraco, introduced the results of tests performed with varied models and applications using isobutene and propane and outlined the improvements brought by using these refrigerants.

Commercial CO2 refrigeration, a Japanese experiencePresentation | published on 20 February 2017

Katsunori Shibata talked about the new CO2 installations such as the recent one in Osaka and explained the performance of the booster system with four compressors, perfectly equipped for low temperature applications.

Energy saving and economic efficiency of CO2UEI system at retail storesPresentation | published on 20 February 2017

Toshiaki Hosono, the Chief Engineer of Research and Development Department at Yamato presented the energy savings and economic efficiency of the new CO2UEI unit in comparison to HFC and CO2 DX cooling.

The Helix Innovation Center, providing infrastructure to enable natural refrigerants AdoptionPresentation | published on 20 February 2017Kaeriyama Haruyuki from Emerson Climate Technologies spoke about The Helix Innovation Centre, which can provide a real life scenario to evaluate the different strategies to accomplish sustainability in the sector. more
Introduction of new NH3/CO2 packaged chiller for small and medium scale facilitiesPresentation | published on 20 February 2017

Hidehiro Kitayama, Sales Manager at Higashi Hiroshima Plant, talked about the highly efficient natural refrigerant system for medium and small-scale facilities called "SIERRA", equipped with an ammonia scroll compressor usin... more