* Speakers list is subject to change (latest update: 14 December 2018)

Tsutsumi Atsuki

Director, Panasonic - Cold Chain Business Divion Appliances Company

Apr. 1992  Joined *Panasonic Corporation

                  Assigned to Quality Division

Oct. 1997 ~ Dec. 2009  Assigned to Production Engineering Division.

Jan. 2010 ~ Mar. 2014  Assigned to Panasonic Home Appliances Refrigerator (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., as a President.

Apr. 2014~  Assigned to Cold Chain Business Division, Appliances Company, as a Director. 

Yasuhiro Baba

Director of the Office of Fluorocarbons Control Policy , Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan

Mr. Baba joined the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 1996. He was in charge of climate change policy, waste management, environmental impact assessment and decontamination of radioactive materials. Mr. Baba currently works at the Japanese Ministry of the Environment. He holds the position of the Director of the Office of Fluorocarbons Control Policy at the Climate Change Policy Division in the Global Environment Bureau.

Marc Chasserot

CEO, shecco

Marc Chasserot is a specialist in natural refrigeration with over 15 years of experience in the HVAC&R sector, starting as the Marketing Manager for the Norsk Hydro business unit specialised in CO2 transcritical refrigeration and heating. He worked closely with several Japanese manufacturers selling the market innovative "CO2 Ecocute heatpumps".

In 2006 Marc founded the industry leading website for CO2 cooling and heating experts worldwide, called This was followed by three additional industry resources for hydrocarbons, water and ammonia (namely:, and

Marc is co-founder and Managing Director of shecco sprl (Belgium), an independent market development company specialised in bringing Natural Refrigerants 'faster to market', working with numerous companies worldwide. Marc has chaired and organised several international workshops bringing together leading policy and industry experts to discuss 'how to bring natural refrigerants' faster to market, known as 'ATMOsphere'. He is also an active member of ASHRAE.

Shigeru Dohno

Managing Director of AP Company , Panasonic

1986. Joined Matsushita Electric Works Co.           
          Engaged  in “advanced development” of product & manufacturing at HQ R&D

2006. Aqua Device Business Division
          →GM in charge of Sales, Planning, Engineering, Quality, Procurement, and Manufacturing

2011. MD, Aqua Device Business Division

2012. Dir. of Technology, Beauty Living Business Division (BLBD)

2013. MD, Kitchen Appliances Business Division (KABD)

2015. Managing Director, AP Company(in charge of planning)

2017. Managing Director of AP Company (in charge of food retail equipment businesses)

Jan Dusek

Business Development Manager APAC, shecco

Jan holds a Doctor of Engineering degree in System Design from Hosei University in Tokyo and a Master’s degree from the Czech Technical University in Prague. During his studies, and research undertaken in the USA, Europe and Japan, Jan has centered his academic focus on environmental technologies and marketing strategies. Having lived in Japan for over 8 years, Jan communicates fluently in Japanese and has a rich experience cooperating with Japanese industry. Jan is currently based in Tokyo, responsible for business development activities and monitoring Asian markets on behalf of shecco Japan.

Makoto Ehara

General Manager, Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd

Makoto Ehara has engaged heat engineering at different industries such as Cold Storage, Fishing Vessel and Food Process since he joined Mayekawa in 1987.

He recently involves newly energy management as an expert and promotes heat pump technology as energy saving and environmental issue requested by Food Process Industry.

Katsuhiko Harada

President, Nihon Netsugen Systems

Mr. Harada is the president of Nihon Netsugen Systems; manufacturer of chillers and heat pump systems partnering with GEA Refrigeration Technology in Germany. Mr. Harada takes leadership in introducing European CO2 supermarket cooling systems to Japan. In addition, Nihon Netsugen Systems manufactures natural refrigerant products like ammonia and propane chiller systems.
Mr. Harada holds Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Keio University, and Master of Arts in Economics from New York University. Prior to his current carrier, he worked as a journalist for the political division of NHK – Public TV Japan.

Ichiji Ishizu

Executive Managing Director , Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd

Ichiji Ishizu joined toMayekawa in1976. He was appointed Area Manager of Chugoku and Shikoku regions and Osaka branch Manager, and he became

Executive Managing Director in 2015 and reaches present.

His expertise is engineering for Food and Food process industries on quality and taste based on the relation between thermodynamics point of view.

He has been working on the potential challenge of Customers for years.

Since 2017, he is a director of Japan Frozen food Association

Hidehiro Kitayama

Manager Sales Promotion Department, Solution Business Division , Mayekawa

After working in the technical division such as designing and installing heat pump, as well as worked on sales of the heat pump system, currently working as a promoting collaboration with other manufacturers with natural refrigerant as the main axis, by using experiences in various departments.

Shigekatsu Koganemaru

President, Yoshio Ice Manufacturing Refrigeration

Shigekatsu KoganemaruPresident of Yoshio Ice Manufacturing and Refrigeration One of board membersof Japan Association of Refrigerated Warehouses; he lectures at technicalseminars of the association for cold warehouses owners or engineers.

Hiroyuki Onishi

Sustainability Promotion Department, Japanese Consumer's Co-Operative Union (JCCU)

Mr. Onishi joined Co-op Kobe in 1995. Since 2009, he has been in charge of energy conservation and store and facility refurbishment of freon-based equipment. Since 2017, he has also been working to support the formulation and implementation of a greenhouse gas reduction plan for Co-op stores nationwide by 2030.

Manabu Onishi

General Manager of Refrigeration System, Cold Chain Business Division, Appliances Company, Panasonic

1986  Joined the Company (Matsushita Refrigeration Company, Japan)

1996  Panasonic Compressor Division

2008  Managing Director / Panasonic Appliances Foundry Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

          Managing Officer / Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

2012  Managing Director / Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices Singapore Pte. Ltd.

2015  General Manager / Corporate Planning Group, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Devices Business Division, Appliances Company

2017  General Manager / Refrigeration System Department, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Devices Business Division, Appliances Company

2018  General Manager / Refrigeration System, Cold Chain Business Division, Appliances Company

Norishige Sato

General Manager of FTE Academy , Food Techno Engineering

April 2001. Joined Food techno Engineering Co.,Ltd, April 2001.

January 2017. FTE Academy.

November 2018. General Manager of FTE Academy

Food Techno Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded on August 2, 1999. Considering the quality and safety of foods as a top priority, engineering that realizes with high technical capacity is continued business by many customers.

FTE Academy with the concept of global environment and energy, was opened in January 2017.we are working on the development of CO2 refrigerator which is natural refrigerant. For the future of cold energy technology, we will continue to develop new technologies.

Shinichirou Uto

Architect, Energy Management, Lawson

Mr. Uto is in charge of the Store Development Division within Lawson, a Japanese leader in CO2 transcritical refrigeration systems installed in convenience stores (CVS). Mr. Uto's role encompasses the construction planning and promotion of Lawson's stores featuring the latest environmental technologies. Besides a specialty in CO2 refrigeration systems, Mr. Uto also carries out other energy saving measures in Japan and overseas.

Tomomitsu Yamasaki

Executive Officer, Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc.

April 1986   Joined Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc. (FFA)
July 2001    Manager, Production Management Dept. (FFA)
July 2006    General Manager of Plant, Ajinomoto Frozen Foods U.S.A., Inc.
July 2011    President, Co., Inc. Frec Kanto
July 2015    General Manager, Production Management Dept. (FFA)
July 2017    Executive Officer (FFA)

Marek Zgliczynski

Manager of Commercial Refrigeration Product Engineering, Embraco

In 1979, after completing his degree, Marek Zgliczynski began his career as a researcher and project leader of new product development at Aspera Spa.

In 1994, when Aspera Spa was acquired by Embraco, Marek covered several engineering positions, including European Commercial Product and Technology Manager, Commercial Refrigeration Product, Corporate Director and Corporate Senior Advisor for the Commercial Refrigeration Segment.
His main responsibility includes the development of household and light commercial refrigeration products. He also provides technical assistance to the sales team in order to promote Embraco products.
Throughout his career, Marek has published several pieces of literature for international conferences and events about refrigeration technology, promoting natural refrigeration and high efficiency solutions. In 2016, he was elected to Chair of the IEC/SC61C Committee, where he helps to ensure world safety standards for the refrigeration segment.
Marek studied at the Turin Polytechnic in Italy where he earned his master degree in mechanical engineering.