* Speakers list is subject to change (latest update: 13 February 2017)

Alexander Adamitzki

Marketing & Business Development Manager, Secop

Alexander holds a mechanical engineering degree from the Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum. In 2008 he started working with Secop as a test-engineer for electronic controls before taking the position of Manager for Business Development and Marketing in 2011. Alexander is  responsible for new product ideas and investigation in new markets.

Tsutsumi Atsuki

Director, Panasonic - Cold Chain Business Divion Appliances Company

Apr. 1992  Joined *Panasonic Corporation

                  Assigned to Quality Division

Oct. 1997 ~ Dec. 2009  Assigned to Production Engineering Division.

Jan. 2010 ~ Mar. 2014  Assigned to Panasonic Home Appliances Refrigerator (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., as a President.

Apr. 2014~  Assigned to Cold Chain Business Division, Appliances Company, as a Director. 

Yasuhiro Baba

Director of the Office of Fluorocarbons Control Policy , Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan

Mr. Baba joined the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 1996. He was in charge of climate change policy, waste management, environmental impact assessment and decontamination of radioactive materials. Mr. Baba currently works at the Japanese Ministry of the Environment. He holds the position of the Director of the Office of Fluorocarbons Control Policy at the Climate Change Policy Division in the Global Environment Bureau.

Pietro Cardente

International Sales Director, IBP Group, United Kingdom

With IBP Group since 2008, Pietro is responsible for developing sales of all group products in markets outside Europe. 

The main areas of activity are sales of press fittings to the plumbing industry in North America, Middle East, South Asia and Australia. 

IBP Group, using its Conex Banninger brand, also manufactures and markets  fittings using the K65 alloy (copper-iron) from Wieland, Germany, for use in CO2 refrigeration systems. The alloy is rated at 120 bar and is increasingly used for transcritical systems throughout Europe and North America.

Massimo Casini

International Sales Manager, Dorin

Massimo Casini is the Manager of International Sales at Dorin. He has 8 years of experience in pressure vessels and in the heat-exchangers design department in the Oil & Gas industry. In January 1990, he joined Dorin as an Application Engineer and was appointed as the International Sales Manager in 2000. Since 2008 he is also the President of Shanghai Dorin Compressors Co. Ltd. as well as the CEO of the Asian division. Massimo holds a mechanical high school degree.

Marc Chasserot

CEO, shecco

Marc Chasserot is a specialist in natural refrigeration with over 15 years of experience in the HVAC&R sector, starting as the Marketing Manager for the Norsk Hydro business unit specialised in CO2 transcritical refrigeration and heating. He worked closely with several Japanese manufacturers selling the market innovative "CO2 Ecocute heatpumps".

In 2006 Marc founded the industry leading website for CO2 cooling and heating experts worldwide, called This was followed by three additional industry resources for hydrocarbons, water and ammonia (namely:, and

Marc is co-founder and CEO of shecco, an independent market development company specialised in bringing Natural Refrigerants 'faster to market', working with numerous companies worldwide. Marc has chaired and organised several international workshops bringing together leading policy and industry experts to discuss 'how to bring natural refrigerants' faster to market, known as 'ATMOsphere'. He is also an active member of ASHRAE.

Rolf Christensen

Senior Product Portfolio Manager, Industrial Equipment, Alfa Laval

Dr. Rolf Christensen holds a M.Sc. in Heat and Power Engineering and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Lund Institute of Technology. He also holds an Executive Master in Technology Management from Chalmers University. His professional experience includes three years as an Engineer in the merchant marines and over five years as a Consultant for heat and power plant engineering & energy conservation. For six years, Dr. Christensen also held a position as an Associate Professor in heat and power plant engineering at the Lund Institute of Technology. 

Dr. Christensen has been with Alfa Laval since 1998 and has worked in various specialist and management positions, such as Manager for the heat & mass transfer department, testing laboratory, new concept development and concept portfolio management. He has also held a position as a Business Development Manager for refrigeration and Product Portfolio Manager for industrial refrigeration. He has been driving the development of plate heat exchangers for transcritical COas well as plate heat exchangers for ammonia heat pumps and evaporation.

Vincent Delecourt

Sales & Marketing Director, Cooltech Applications

Vincent Delecourt is currently the Sales and Marketing director of Cooltech Applications, located in France. The company, owner of over 280 patents worldwide and supported by several significant shareholders, has been industrializing an innovative magnetic cooling device, which will offer gas-free ecofriendly and innovative cooling solutions for various markets, specifically in the refrigeration sector. Holder of an engineer diploma and a MBA from the University of Paris (Sorbonne), Vincent worked in Finance before taking up Sales and Management functions in B2B business during 16 years. Thanks to his expertise in B2B and after 8 years deploying innovative products in a global environment, he joined Cooltech Applications in 2013 to start the commercialization process of Cooltech’s Magnetic Refrigeration Systems (M.R.S).

Jan Dusek

Business Development Manager APAC, shecco

Jan holds a Doctor of Engineering degree in System Design from Hosei University in Tokyo and a Master’s degree from the Czech Technical University in Prague. During his studies, and research undertaken in the USA, Europe and Japan, Jan has centered his academic focus on environmental technologies and marketing strategies. Having lived in Japan for over 8 years, Jan communicates fluently in Japanese and has a rich experience cooperating with Japanese industry. Jan is currently based in Tokyo, responsible for business development activities and monitoring Asian markets on behalf of shecco Japan.

Warner Guo

Director of R&D and Engineering, Asia, Emerson

Warner Guo graduated from university in 1993 with a major in mechanical engineering, he has since gained experience in a manufacturing company for several years. Having joined Emerson in 1999, he worked in different roles inside the engineering department and was promoted to his current role of engineering director in 2011.

Kaeriyama Haruyuki

Senior Application Manager, Emerson

Kaeriyama Haruyuki worked as a mechanical design engineer for PAC at a Japanese electric company for more than 20 years, after finishing post-graduate school. Since 2003 Kaeriyama Haruyuki is with Emerson as a Senior Application Manager, where he is looking after the Copeland & ALCO product lines.

Toshiaki Hosono

Chief Engineer of Research and Development Department, YAMATO

Mr. Hosono holds many responsibilities within brine-ice storage equipment for Ultra Eco-Ice System (Energy and Money Saving System) using CO2 refrigeration. He is in charge of the research of fundamental points such as the amount of appropriate CO2 refrigerant and the behavior of CO2 refrigerant and oil and generation of brine-ice, as well as the research of piping construction for CO2 refrigerant. Hr. Hosono is also responsible for the design and assembly of the evaporation for brine-ice generation and the design and demonstration of brine-ice storage equipment using CO2 refrigeration.

Pega Hrnjak

Res. Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Science and Engineering & President, CTS Inc., University of Illinois

Professor Hrnjak is Co-Director of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center (ACRC) at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, an NSF founded university–industry cooperative research center. Pega is also a founder and President of R&D company CTS, which bridges ACRC activities (precompetitive research in function of education) and industry. He is an active member or fellow of ASME, ASHRAE, IIR, SAE and IIAR, and an editor or member of the boards of several professional scientific journals. He is a recipient of Gustav Lorentzen, J&E Hall and Rittinger medals among other awards.

Jörg Huschka

Freeze-Dried Project Manager, Nestlé Japan

Huschka studied process engineering in Germany and started his career as refrigeration engineer in 1986 with Brown Boweri YORK (today JCI). He stayed in industrial refrigeration applications for about 14 years. His main objective was the layout, calculation and design of industrial ammonia systems for the food manufacturing industry like breweries, malteries, cold stores, meat, pizza and yoghurt and processing.

In 2001 he joined Nestlé to design and implement a CO2/NH3 cascade systems with plate freezers for prepared food in the USA. He moved on into the coffee business, acquired factory experience and specialized in the freeze dried technology for soluble coffee.

Hidehiro Kitayama

Manager Sales Promotion Department, Solution Business Division , Mayekawa

After working in the technical division such as designing and installing heat pump, as well as worked on sales of the heat pump system, currently working as a promoting collaboration with other manufacturers with natural refrigerant as the main axis, by using experiences in various departments.

Akito Machida

Director, Mayekawa

Akito Machida graduated from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan. He joined to Mayekawa in 1985 and has developed an air cycle refrigerator, a turbo Brayton cycle refrigerator and a helium refrigerator and the high temperature heat pumps. Currently, he is a director of Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd, and Head of Research and Development Center since 2014.

Atsuhiro Meno

Director, Fluoride Gases Management Office, Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry

Atsuhiro Meno currently works for the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as the Director of the Fluoride Gases Management Office in the Manufacturing Industries Bureau. 

Hisao Mizuno

Project Leader, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems

Hisao Mizuno has 25 years experience in designing air-conditioners. Currently, he is a project leader of CO2 condensing units.

Toshihiko Nagura

Operations Director, A-colle

Toshihiko Nagura is the director of operations for A-colle. Before joining the company he held various positions at Aeon, latest being  A-colle Division Business Manager.

Tsutomu Nakama

E2E Project Manager, Nestle Japan

Tsutomu Nakama joined Nestle Japan in 1977 and worked as a project/process engineer in various locations within Nestle. Since 2005, he worked as a corporate engineering manager and led the capital investment projects including R22 phase-out projects in the three factories. Since 2015, he has been working as an E2E project engineer for the renovation project including relocation/expansion of the FD refrigeration in the Shimada factory.

Caio Santos

Sales Manager for Asia Pacific, Embraco

With a long experience in a international business and multicultural environment, such as Latin America, Australia, Asia Pacific, North Africa and Middle East, Mr. Santos has worked in the last 14 years with global businesses, specially in engineering and B2B relations. Graduated in Electrical Engineering, he has also a Master degree in Strategic Management, with emphasis in international business. Currently he is a Sales Manager working with Asia Pacific market.

Inderpal Saund

Food Retail Business Development Manager, Danfoss

Indy has a background in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning trade from Australia and the UK. After completing a diploma in Process Controls, Indy pursued a career at Danfoss in Sales of Electronic Controls and Industrial Refrigeration products. Indy has been at Danfoss for 10 years maintaining various roles with the Electronic Controls side of the business. Over the years, Indy has been active in promoting CO2 technology within the Refrigeration industry throughout the APAC region. He has been involved in a number of first installations within Australia, Thailand and China.

Katsunori Shibata

President, CAREL Japan

Mr. Shibata has been doing design works for Toyo Engineering for 15 years. In 1998, he succeeded to develop the first package-type snowmaker in Japan, and he introduced the snowmaker to many Japanese customers in Japan.In 2003, he moved to Shibata Welding Constructions Co., (SWC).

Now Mr. Shibata is the president of Shibata Welding Constructions Co., (SWC), a company of 54-years experience with refrigeration such as ice machines, cold rooms, and chillers. 

Yasuo Shiraki

Director Environmental Business Promotion Department, Japanese Consumers' Co-operative Union

Yasuo Shiraki joined the Japan Co-op Federation in April 2008. He has been in charge of the Environmental Business Promotion Department since July 2015.

Toshinori Suzuki

Association Facility Division Manager, COOP Miyagi

Toshinori Suzuki joined COOP Miyagi in 1988 and worked at Group Purchase Devision in 1988. And moved to Facility Division in 1991 and now is a manager.

Hidekazu Tachibana

General Manager , Panasonic

Hidekazu Tachibana is the General Manager at Panasonic. Having started his career in 1981, Mr. Tachibana has more than 30 years of experience in his field. In 2006, he was appointed as the President of Panasonic Compressor Malaysia Co. Ltd., and has since served as Head of the Sales Department and as Group Manager.

Kenji Tamura

Manager, COOP Aomori

Kenji Tamura entered Group Purchase Products Division at COOP Aomori in 1993, and became manager at Aomori Ruike store in 2007, and has been a manager at Aomori COOP Himawari since 2014.  

Shinichiro Uto

Architect, Energy Management, Lawson

Mr. Uto is in charge of the Store Development Division within Lawson, a Japanese leader in CO2 transcritical refrigeration systems installed in convenience stores (CVS). Mr. Uto's role encompasses the construction planning and promotion of Lawson's stores featuring the latest environmental technologies. Besides a specialty in CO2 refrigeration systems, Mr. Uto also carries out other energy saving measures in Japan and overseas.

Marek Zgliczynski

Director, Fellow Researcher of R&D , Embraco

Marek Zgliczynski studied at the Turin Politechnic in Italy where he earned his degree in mechanical engineering. In 1979, after completing his degree, Marek began his career as a researcher and project leader of new product development at Aspera Spa. 

A few years later, Marek transitioned to Embraco, becoming the Manager of Compressor Design. His successful efforts led to many promotions, including European Commercial Product and Technology Manager, Commercial Refrigeration Product Corporate Director and Corporate Fellow Researcher for the Commercial Refrigeration Segment. 

His main responsibility includes the development of household and light commercial refrigeration products. He also provides technical assistance to the sales team in order to promote Embraco products that align with customer feedback. 

Throughout his career, Marek has earned three U.S. patents and Gold Whirlpool Quality Team Award and he has published several pieces of literature for international conferences and events about refrigeration technology. In 2016, he was elected to a Chair of the IEC/SC61C Committee, in charge of the development of international product safety standards for refrigeration segment. He is also member in several other standardization bodies like ISO TC86/SC1/WG1, CEN TC182WG6 and WG12, IEC SC61DWG16 and UL STP471, Ashrae Member.