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Georges Khoury - Development of high efficiency CO2 Heat Pump for domestic hot water

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published on 12 October 2011

Based on the heat pump technology using the natural refrigerant CO2 and a large study of the market requirements, an innovative eco-design process has been carried out. Heat pump prototypes have been built and optimised and tested in the lab and in long-term field tests in 12 family homes. Concrete results show its economical and environmental advantages compared to conventional systems. Analysis of operating parameters from real life usage combined with installers and users feedback allowed us to identify areas for improvement.

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ATMOsphere Roadmap for Natural Refrigerants in Europe - European 10 Point Action Plan for 2012-2013

PDF document
published on 23 November 2011

This Roadmap is the result of thorough industry consultation to set concrete and achievable targets addressing the educational, technological, financial and information barriers challenging the use of natural refrigerants - air, ammonia, carbon dioxide, water and the group of hydrocarbons.

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