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Tuesday 9 February 2016
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Welcome & Introduction
Nina Masson, shecco, 開催挨拶

Nina Masson, shecco, Welcome speech and Introduction
Policy Session
Presentations by government representatives and industry experts on the latest regulatory issues and standards for natural refrigerants at both Japanese and international dimensions

Chair: Sidi Menad Si Ahmed, shecco (Former UNIDO)

Sidi Menad Si Ahmed, shecco, Outcome of COP21 and recent Montreal Protocol meetings

Tomokazu Ayukawa, Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan, Key measures to achieve f-gas reductions in Japan

Tomokazu Ayukawa, Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan, 我が国のフロン類対策について

Masanori Kobayashi, NEDO, Achieving a successful transition to natural refrigerants

Hoang Minh Quan, Vietnam National Ozone Unit, HCFC phase-out activities and regulations in Vietnam

Anshu Kumar, Anadi Enviro Training, Adoption of natural refrigerants in South Asian countries
Q&A with audience
Coffee / Tea networking break - sponsored by ”BITZER”
Market Trends Session

Leading industrial representatives will give 5-7 minute stategic and visionary presentations sharing their latest success stories, lessons learned, challenges and next steps with regards to natural refrigerant based technologies

Chair: Franziska Menten, shecco

Tetsuro Homma, Panasonic Corporation, Natural refrigerants - Strategy for the food service industry

Kuniaki (Nick) Kawamura, Mayekawa, Our natural refrigerant technology and energy-efficiency solutions

Junya (Joe) Ichikawa, SANDEN Environmental Products Corp., Paving the way towards a natural world

Nina Masson, shecco, Sneak peek at GUIDE Japan 2016: Trends for Asia & the world
Q&A with audience
”SANDEN”Networking Lunch - sponsored by SANDEN
End User Panel 1
Q&A with audience
Coffee / Tea networking break - sponsored by ”Yamato”
Commercial Refrigeration Technology Case Studies

Leading suppliers and technology pioneers share their latest natural refrigerant based projects and product innovations, covering best practices, lessons learned, efficiency and cost analysis, as well as next steps

Armin Hafner, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Yukio Yamaguchi, SANDEN, Results of CO2 refrigeration systems for CVS and other applications

Oliver Javerschek, BITZER, High-efficient integrated CO2-based solutions around the world

Abel Gnanakumar, Emerson, CO2 booster system using mixed scroll/ piston compressor technology

Tadao Sekiguchi, CAREL Japan, High efficiency integrated parallel compressor for CO2 systems

Toshiaki Hosono, YAMATO, Energy efficiency of brine-ice thermal storage system using a new type of CO2 refrigeration unit

Toshiaki Hosono, YAMATO, 新型のCO2冷凍機を使用したブライン氷蓄熱システムにおける省エネ性
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*Last updated: 18 Feb 2016
Wednesday 10 February 2016
Welcome coffee & Registration - sponsored by shecco Japan
Welcome & introduction Day 2
Jan Dusek, shecco, Welcome and Introduction Day 2
Policy, labels and R&D Session
Q&A with audience
Coffee / Tea networking break - sponsored by ”Emerson”
High Ambient Technology Trends
Armin Hafner, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) 「自然冷媒、完成されたソリューション-最新の技術発展」

Armin Hafner, NTNU , Natural refrigerants, a complete solution - Latest technological advancements
Q&A with audience
”Mayekawa”Networking Lunch - sponsored by Mayekawa
End User Panel 2

Leading end users will share their experiences using different types of natural refrigerant technologies, including benefits, challenges and future plans

Chair: Nina Masson, shecco

Stan Mah, Coca-Cola Tokyo Research & Development, Phase-out of f-gases and the shift to natural refrigerants

Ian Crookston, Sobeys Inc., Economic model for heat reclaim

Ardi Wijaya, PT Adib Global Food Supplies, Our green journey has just begun: Implementation of CO2 refrigeration systems

Hiroji Takeda, Yokohama Reito Co. Ltd., Environmental impact reduction at cold storage

Emiko Iida, Patine Leisure Inc. , Development of all natural next generation "ECO & ECO" ice skating rink

Hiroshi Soma, Chemical Grouting, Ground freezing technique using CO2 in construction works

Hiroshi Soma, Chemical Grouting, CO2自然冷媒による地盤凍結工法の開発
Q&A with audience
Coffee / Tea Networking break - sponsored by ”CAREL”
Industrial Refrigeration & Other Applications Case Studies

This session will present some real-life examples of how natural refrigerants are applied in industrial and new/special refrigeration applications.

Chair: Inderpal Saund, Danfoss

Inderpal Saund, Danfoss, Ultra-low charge ammonia glycol chiller cutting down operating costs

Rolf Christensen, Alfa Laval, Ammonia heat pump optimization at high temperature water heating

Bjorn Felgenhauer, SWEP, Results of heat exchangers operated in hard water conditions for CO2 heat pumps

Ryouhei Suzuki, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Operating results of CO2/NH3 refrigeration system

Masahiro Takatsu, DENSO, Energy saving effect of ejector technology
Nina Masson, shecco, Concluding remarks

Farewell Drink - sponsored by ”CAREL”

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